Tuesday, 5 March 2013

5th March

Apparently it will take a few days for the website to 'switch over'. As you probably realise I don't have a clue about any of this! So it seems I get a little bit longer with my beloved Blogspot.

Crufts is fast approaching and many people seem to be going.
 Thursday is Terrier Day so most Staffie things will be on then.

Val is taking Nugget and Honey taking part in Battersea's display by doing 'Temptation Alley' which should prove very amusing!
 This is 12.15pm on Thursday.

Staffie Agility is 11.45am in the main arena.

 Kerry is there with Neighla and Rhea. Kerry's husband, Simon will be running Rhea.

You can watch highlights on More 4   6.30pm/9.30pm

We look forward to lots of pics too.

Monday, 4 March 2013

4th March

At last! Spring has sprung! I was actually warm at one point today!

With it we have some very exciting news.
Our website, as we know it is about to change.
 Our webmaster, Mark, has changed it so that we can update it ourselves (once I have had a lesson.)  He has done it so that the blog is a more central part of it, so this is the last blog you will read in this format and you may need to bear with us for a few days as I get the hang of it. The website itself will lose some of the quality and not be such a sleek beast as we have been used to.

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Mark for all his work given freely on the website and for setting up this new one so quickly, all the more remarkable as he and Catherine have just had a baby, Mavis Jane born on the 10th February.

Mark and Catherine adopted Poppy from Guildford Rescue in 2007 one of the first dogs I homed, now she can show her true Stafford nature as a nanny dog with baby Mavis.

Congratulations Mark, Catherine and Poppy and welcome baby Mavis!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

2nd March

Still cold but dry, I got away with wearing my short boots, not wellies, for the whole day.  Warmer weather on its way next week ... at last!
As most of you know I have many elements to my life, sometimes they do not sit very comfortably together at other times there are some surreal moments when they collide but on occasions it all fits beautifully. We had such an occasion recently.

In our village we have a Scottish Gentleman called Eric (or Ernie) I believe his real name is Ernie but I have always known him as Eric. He lives in a tent in the woods and walks through the village each day up to the Friary, his dog Bing always at his side.  Bing is a Lurcher/Shepherd/Collie mix, a tall dog.

Many people keep an eye on the pair and there was concern recently when the Friary changed hands from Franciscan with a weekly catholic congregation to a closed Benedictine order. There was no need for concern however, as the Benedictine brothers seem to have accepted Eric and Bing as part of the furniture.

Bing at nearly 16 has been gradually slowing up, and for the past year his back legs have begun to struggle.
Eric is as phobic about vets as he is doctors, repeating the story of Bings one and only visit to the vet where he caused chaos in the waiting room and had to leave by the back door!
 Eric, unable to think of losing his companion, is in denial. 'Och, he puts it on haf the time, he ran fast enough after a rabbit the other day!'
The thought of Bing one day collapsing in the woods and just not being able to get up, worried me terribly and I made sure Eric had my mobile number. The idea being I would rush over, pick him up and take him to Jane the vet.  But I was not always in the village, more often at my ponies and Jane only worked some days at my practise, what would happen if he collapsed and either Jane or myself were not around?

We could only trust it to the one who cares for us all and whose timing is perfect.

Weeks, months went by, Bing carried on. We would pass them in the car, 'How was Bing looking today?' I would ask the children.
Then one day I saw Eric in the shop, no Bing outside! Before I could gasp in alarm, Eric saw me and rushed from the shop holding up his hand in a 'Maggie Thatcher, STOP, way.'  'No he's OK, I left him up there to save him the walk.'
It turned out he was now staying in a hut at the Friary overnight, to save Bing the walk back and forth through the village each day.
Then two weeks ago I saw him and he said Bing had not eaten for several days but that he thought he would be alright as he was still drinking plenty. It did not sound good.
The Brothers told Eric he could bury him there in the grounds.
It was a Thursday, Jane was not in.

It so happened we had several crises that day and the next and I was wound up and stressed. It also happened that I was at the vets, in the consultation room with Lexus, talking with Jane, when my mobile rang. It was Brother John, Eric had asked him to ring me, Bing could not get up, the time had come.

Later that day Jane followed me though the village to the Friary. Eric met us and took us to where Bing was lying, barely conscious in the hut. Just the three of us, in  the most tranquil of settings, on a beautiful day. Jane eased Bing on his final journey and Eric let his faithful companion go.

As I looked at the peaceful grounds I wondered that I had ever doubted the timing, the whole place is steeped in prayer.

Eric buried him in the woods and although he is missing him, and still picks up the lead sometimes when he goes out, he says he is enjoying getting a good nights sleep (Bing would wake him in the night) and he is not rushing into finding another dog.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

28th February

Still 'bloomin' cold! And today was meant to be the warmest of the next three, brrr!
I suppose March is coming in like a lamb though, just a rather chilly one!

Got some pics at last ...

Lexus and Kyra.

Lexus kept barking at the camera, I have no idea what he thought was happening!

Action shot!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

27th February

Cold wind back again!  I know there was much yearned for sun this afternoon but it was still cold! It seems it is asking too much to have it warm and dry!

Still no pic of Lexus and Kyra on walk, I keep forgetting to take the camera, but one of them post walk!

27th February

I spoke too soon about it drying up! Quite wet again here this morning, not any significant rain but enough to make muddy paws. Though it is a little warmer, there was something hopeful in the air when I did my ponies this evening, even though it seemed to have disappeared by tonight when I took the dogs out.

Lexus seemed to have a spring in his step on the walk today. For all his, well documented faults, he is a very happy dog. He bounced around the football field, grinning, smiling and laughing.  He really did!

He was also admired as we walked through the village. A staffie owning chap, wound his car window down and said 'what lovely dogs, especially that one.'  Even my daughter was impressed.
I am proud to be seen with Lexus, I am so glad he came into our life.

He is snoring now on the sofa with his master and best buddy, Khan.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

25th February

Kyra is now on the website and on our Facebook page!  Also a new write up for Jesse on the website. The successes will follow shortly.
Things are settling down here as the new dogs get into a routine but it seems never ending trying to make sure everyone gets enough exercise/attention.

Lexus still barks continually from when I begin to get his food until it is placed before him! We have tried everything to stop him but nothing works, he is a very bad influence on all the new dogs especially the puppies. He is still on his anti-inflammatorys which involves me finding a tiny half tablet in the foil packaging from the night before, to go into his breakfast, it is very fiddly at the best of times, almost impossible with him 'creating' behind me.
Lexus! What are you doing?

I am still amazed at how quickly the new dogs learn the routine. There is not a murmur from 'my' dogs (the rescues) when Dave gets up and takes Khan out at 5.30am. The same again at night when Dave takes our three out and gives them biscuits, nothing from mine, who will have been out an hour or so before. Despite all the different dogs we have had this has always been true, it just shows you that they can learn.

It is still cold and I hate it but at least it is drying up, I could walk down the garden in a normal pair of shoes today, but it does seem to have been a long, cold, dark winter.